Electrical Components

At U.S. Hazmat Rentals, our goal is to provide quality chemical storage units that are tailored to fit your unique chemical storage needs.

That also means providing you with quality electrical components, including Power Load Centers, Explosion-Proof Lighting, Climate Control, and Compliant Ventilation. Each of these systems are comprised of the highest quality components, which means Reliability…which means Safety—our number one concern.

Power Load Center

At U.S. Hazmat Rentals, we provide you with quality electrical components to maintain a reliable power supply.

Our chemical storage units come equipped with a dependable electrical infrastructure that allows for safe, convenient hazmat storage. We use a Standard Electrical Load System that is UL-listed, single-phase, 3-wire, 120/240V 100-A. Our systems are located on the exterior of the chemical storage building. That way, the electrical system won’t be susceptible to damage from a chemical fire or spill. The electrical system is also protected by an encasement that defends against inclement weather conditions. Encasements are rainproof and sleet and ice resistant. They satisfy rain-proofing standards set by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., Publication No. UL 508.

Our pre-engineered electrical system is furnished with quality material components. 

Electrical Components
Electrical Components Light Switches
Understanding chemical ventilation options
Electrical Step-Down Transformer
Electrical Step-Down Transformer

Electrical step-down transformers

These allow you to go from a very high voltage power source and run our building components which are lower voltage power, without having to rewire your power source.

Explosion-Proof Power Socket

Specialty explosion-proof power socket/plug

Requires male EP plug for EP compatibility.

Our electrical systems are designed and installed in accordance to all NEMA and NEC regulatory codes. Your chemical storage unit comes with all the necessary motors, controls, and interlocks to keep your storage space running smoothly. Our motors are manufacturer-rated energy efficient to minimize electrical input and maximize output.

Any electrical component specifications are predetermined by the size and type of storage locker, but all electrical equipment is insulated and designed to carry a current up to 230 volts. Our pre-engineered electrical system is furnished with quality material components. We offer our customers safe and reliable storage of hazmat inventory. Contact us today and learn more about our hazmat rental units.

Explosion-Proof Lighting

Light fixtures and bulbs that add the necessary level of safety while storing gas-emitting chemicals.

When we designed our U.S. Hazmat Rentals, we put thought into every detail, all the way down to the light bulbs. Our chemical storage units are built with the safety of the user in mind. Our explosion-proof lighting not only provides the necessary light you need to work around in your unit, but also guarantees your safety. Explosion-proof lighting is necessary in places where explosive gases may be present—in this case, chemical storage units. “Explosion-proof” does not actually mean that the item will not spark. Instead, explosion-proof means that the items that may spark are isolated and controlled, so that in the result of a spark the gas would not ignite. Through the use of corrosion proof, water resistant construction we can decrease the amount of sparks within the housing of the lights. The design of our explosion-proof bulbs serves many benefits. The design reduces the temperature of the bulb, improves the amount of light emitted, and increases the bulb’s life. Our incandescent light includes a glass globe and protective metal guard. We also place most of our light switches on the outside of the unit, 3 feet away from any door or opening. The exterior light switch allows easy access for the user.

Explosion-Proof Lighting

Climate Control

Heating and Air Conditioning Accessories to regulate the internal environment of your rental storage unit.

Explosion-Proof Forced Air Heaters

When storing chemicals, you cannot just put them in any building or room. Depending on the chemical, the room temperature must be set to a specific setting to ensure that the chemical will not react, explode, etc.  U.S. Hazmat Rentals offers a variety of chemical storage units based on which chemicals the customer is storing.

In areas where specific explosive gas and dust will be present, we offer the explosion-proof, forced-air heater. These heaters are designed to be used in the harshest environments, such as dry indoor industrial applications, wastewater treatment plants, oil refineries, and so on. Our forced-air heaters come equipped with a larger junction box for easier installation, additional limit controls, and a sturdy core. An epoxy-coated, 14-gauge steel cabinet holds the heater core. The steel cabinet also holds the motor and fan assembly. The heater also includes louvers, which allows you to control which direction the heated air blows. All of the fasteners are coated in zinc to increase corrosion protection. The kilowatt ranges for these heaters are from 3-20 kw, BTU’s range from 10,236 – 68,242, and they come available in 208 and 240 volts(one or three phase), and 480 volts (three phase). The size of the grounding, breakers, and wiring is based on manufacture recommendations and current NEC. The forced-air heaters also come equipped with a user-operated thermostat that can set the temperature of the unit anywhere from 50° F to 90°F. In order to keep your chemicals at a constant temperature, our explosive-proof forced-air heaters will get the job done.

Interior Fan Forced Air Heater provide climate control heating for cooler temperatures to maintain storage safety.

Climate control is a major factor in the storage of chemicals.

With our explosion-proof forced-air heaters, maintaining a constant temperature is much simpler. We understand the importance of ensuring your chemicals stay in pristine condition, because it also helps with your own safety. The next time you need a climate-controlled place to store your chemicals, contact U.S. Hazmat Rentals, and we will provide you with the perfect solution.

Explosion-Proof Air Conditioning

Explosion-proof air conditioning units are available to keep your chemical inventory at an optimum temperature. Air conditioning may be necessary when storing chemicals that must be kept at a lower temperature. Our units are explosion-proof to maximize safety in the event of any emergency associated with hazmat storage.

Our air conditioning units are mounted on the interior of the storage unit and come with a built-in thermostat. The unit utilizes eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant to cool the air. It is also hermetically sealed to prevent leaks. The fan motor is completely enclosed, as well as hermetically sealed, to prevent any injury or damage to inventory. The capacitor is also equipped to handle voltage overloads up to 440 volts as an added safety precaution.

Finally, a Seacoast Protection finish is added for extra protection against corrosion.

Air Conditioning provides climate controlled cooling to reduce excessive heat in the chemical storage containers.

It is critical to personal and environmental health that your chemical storage unit’s temperature is specified to ensure the safe storage of your inventory.

Any malfunctions could potentially lead to catastrophe. That’s why you should only trust U.S. Hazmat Rentals to provide you with the safe storage of your hazmat items and equipment.


Compliant Ventilation for your US Hazmat storage unit.

Ventilation System

One of the essential features of our U.S. Hazmat Rentals is the ventilation system. Our ventilation systems work to make sure explosive gases and dusts are continuously vented out of your chemical storage unit. Your safety is our main concern, so we install only the best ventilation in our chemical storage units to protect you.

In our 2 and 4-hour fire-rated flammable storage units we include our explosive-proof mechanical ventilation. The explosive-proof mechanical ventilation is necessary when storing chemicals that produce explosive, flammable, and noxious fumes. This ventilation system is also important for those who plan to mix and dispense chemicals inside the storage unit. The process of mixing and dispensing chemicals can produce large amounts of fumes, smoke, and dust, so the explosive-proof mechanical ventilation is absolutely necessary. Our mechanical vents are designed to make six air changes per hour at a rate no less than 1 cubic foot per minute. We isolate the motor for our mechanical vents from the contaminants in the building to prevent an explosion in the case of mechanical failure. No matter which chemical storage unit you decide to rent from us, we can guarantee the ventilation system will serve its purpose of keeping the air inside the unit fresh and clean.

Mechanical Air Ventilation clearing hazardous fumes, vapors and provides adequate air turnover for the storage unit.

Without proper ventilation, working around chemicals is dangerous and possibly even life-threatening.

At U.S. Hazmat Rentals, we manufacture the best ventilation systems available. From our passive ventilation systems to our explosive-proof mechanical ones, you will be safe and protected. To find out more about the ventilation you need for your next U.S. Hazmat Rental, contact us today!