Panelized Safe Room Kit

U.S. Hazmat Rentals Panelized Safe Room Kits can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure with minimal disturbance to your job-site

As a project manager or safety engineer, you probably love the terms “turnkey” and “low overhead.” You want to maximize your profit on any job while keeping operating expenses at a minimal. And this doesn’t mean you are keen on skimping on necessary expenses like safety and protection for your employees. U.S. Hazmat Rentals understands the delicate balance between safety and cost, which is why we have patently engineered a line of 1/4″ steel protection that can be easily transported and manufactured to fit any job-site.

Panelized Safe Room Kits can be easily broken down and reassembled into existing space

Unlike our solid-weld above-ground safe room models, our panelized safe kits can be quickly reassembled and broken down, so you can easily and discretely install them into any room. And don’t let the terminology mislead you. Our panelized safe room kits offer the same level of protection and security as our solid weld units with an added touch of convenience. These light-weight panels can be easily reloaded and transported upon project completion without the commitment of purchasing.

Unrivaled Steel Protection With Minimal Overhead

Hazmat Panelized Safe Room Kit
Hazmat Rentals Panelized Safe Room Kit
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Panelized Kits are Great For Protecting Sensitive Documents and Double as Gun Safes

What sets our panelized safe room kits apart from traditional shelters is their versatility. These easy-to-assemble DIY kits are not only great for protecting employees and potential customers; we’ve seen clients optimize their levels of security by using these kits for storing sensitive documentation, including payroll, contracts and billing statements. Panelized safe room kits also make the ideal environment for gun safe and weapons storage. With the number of workplace shootings rising in the past decade, it pays to consider superior protection during unprecedented times. Multi-point locking doors also ensures that only individuals with the appropriate levels of clearance have access to dangerous weapons and sensitive information. These mobile panel kits can offer secure on-site protection for companies that frequently change job-sites.

Panelized Safe Room Kit Security Key Pad Entry

Security keypad entry for panelized safe room kit.

Commonly Served Industries and Applications:

  • Accounting Offices
  • Server Centers/IT
  • Demolition and ongoing construction projects
  • Painting contractors
  • Schools
Panelized Safe Room Kit
Hazmat Rentals Panelized Safe Room Kit construction phase

These photos are from showroom demo displaying a panelized kit partially finished with drywall, showing stages of construction of our panelized safe room kit. The access door is hidden behind an exterior hinged bookcase.

Panelized Safe Room Kit hidden bookcase entrance


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