US Hazmat Rentals has developed a fleet of life safety and security shelters.

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Ride Out the Storm with Peace of Mind

Our superior engineered community shelters and tornado safe rooms provide unsurpassed safety and tornado protection when severe weather strikes.


  • Interior Bench Seating
  • Safety Handrails
  • Natural Air Ventilation
  • Interior LED Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Restroom with Privacy Screen
  • FEMA 361 compliant
  • ICC-500 compliant
  • IBC Design compliant
  • OSHA compliant
  • Unique Security Anchor System Options


  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Climate Control (Heat & AC)
  • Power Generator
  • Power Load Center (Hardwire)
  • Power Battery Backup
  • Tornado Warning Audible Alarm
  • Telecommunications
Tornado Lock Shelter

Be prepared. Manage your risk of operations with U.S. Hazmat Rentals. We help keep your staff safe when the worst happens.

When disaster strikes, know your company, factories, warehouse and operations are prepared. Rest assured that your workforce and personnel are kept safe in our high-security community commercial shelters. Each shelter is equipped with bench seating and handrails, so your workers can feel safe and secured when a tornado rips through the job-site. LED lighting provides adequate lighting when all power goes out during a chaotic storm. When the tornado sirens begin to blare, your workers will feel an immediate sense of calm, knowing that steel-protected shelter is quickly accessible.

Tornado Lock Community Shelter
40' Tornado Shelter Safe Room

Above-Ground Tornado Shelter – 250 MPH F5 Tornado Rated

Mobile Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters are available for when security is a top priority.

Don’t take security lightly—be prepared. Our multi-use Storm Shelters can help protect your crew from hazardous conditions and the devastating effects of mother nature. Leave nothing to chance, and work with the security of knowing a safe shelter is on-site at any remote location.


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