Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need proper chemical or explosive storage?

Buildings specifically designed to store hazardous materials provide safety, segregation and security. This type of turn-key solution protects the environment from accidental contamination, prevents theft, keeps materials in good condition, and is relocatable.

What is a Sump?

The “Sump” is the containment area in the bottom of a chemical storage building. It is also referred to as “Secondary Containment.” This is part of what differentiates the chemical storage building from other storage buildings. The sump is usually a 6-inch deep steel well that is designed to collect liquids through a steel grate floor. This ensures that any accidental spills or leaks are contained and do not contaminate the ground.

Do I Need a Fire-Rated Building?

The location of your building will determine its fire rating. Factory Mutual recommends the following fire ratings for building locations:

  • 4 hour fire-rated: for buildings located inside or within 10 feet of an existing, occupied structure.
  • 2 hour fire-rated: for buildings located between 10 feet and 75 feet from an existing, occupied structure.
  • Non fire-rated: for building located 75 feet or more away from an existing structure.

Remember, your local officials have the final decision on your requirements, so keep them involved in your building and storage decisions.

Can I store all of my materials together, or do they need to be separated?

After you identify your hazardous materials to be stored, the substance compatibility should then be determined so that the number of buildings (or the need for partitions within one building) can be established. US Hazmat Rentals has in-house engineers that can help assist you with these decisions.

What size do I need?

Size is usually expressed in terms of the number and size of the containers to be stored. The containers might be 30/55 gallon steel drums or 5/15 gallon buckets. Keep in mind that regulations limiting the stacking of containers will affect the amount of floor space required.

What about shelving?

Our shelves are 16″ deep sump galvalume steel shelving with a 2″ lip. This will prevent small spills from spreading and possibly entering the sump floor.

Will location affect the type of building I need?

Location of the building can be either inside another building, or outside, to fit your needs. The distance from an occupied building will determine the fire-rated construction needed. A good starting point is to contact your local Fire Marshall. They will be glad that you are taking a proactive stance toward safe storage, and will work with you on choosing the best location and fire rating for your building.

How do I know what other accessories or features I need?

Your local codes, standards and regulation should be the most important guide during the selection of your building features. Consideration of the climate in your area is also important. Consult with local officials, such as Building Inspectors, Fire Marshalls and City or County Safety experts for help with deciding on ventilation, explosion-relief construction and type of lighting and alarms.

What types of building options do I have to choose from?

US Hazmat Rentals offers pre-engineered safety storage solutions designed to properly protect the contents of your building. Accessories may include climate control (heating and air conditioning), fire suppression systems, audible and visual alarms, storage access doors, secondary containment sump, and interior and exterior lighting.



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Free Hazmat Storage Planner

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