Community Tornado Shelter Rentals

Premium steel community safe room rentals are life-saving Tornado Shelters. These community shelters provide protection from severe weather for both small and large groups.

Not every job requires a permanent solution for your safety needs. In construction, and many seasonal projects, workflow processes are frequently changing. Now you have options. You don’t have to purchase permanent shelter for temporary needs on job-sites that change frequently. U.S. Hazmat Rentals has a premium line of rapidly-deployable commercial shelters that can fit any job-site, from 10 people to hundreds of personnel—all while offering the same protection as a permanent Tornado Shelter. Made of quarter-inch solid steel plating, our customizable work-site shelters and safe rooms can weather any storm. These above-ground shelters are idea for facilities and job-sites that have an established concrete base, so additional anchoring is not necessary. They can also be easily transported, so you don’t have to worry about these shelters interrupting, or adding to the everyday chaos that causes headaches for project managers nationwide.

Ideal for Renovation, Demolition and Overhaul Projects

Above-ground, commercial-grade tornado shelter safe room rentals designed for installation on concrete slab are ideal for contractors, companies, factories and large office campuses where no adequate shelter is present in the event of severe weather and tornadic activity. Our tornado shelter rental units are available for immediate delivery and can be easily situated on any job-site without getting in the way of the work at hand.

Premier Safety & Security In Extreme Weather Conditions

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Premier Safety & Security In Extreme Weather

You can’t skimp on safety and protection. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Failure to properly protect your workforce can result in a catastrophic financial and emotional distress for any company, along with a relentless barrage of fees and lawsuits that can sink any business.

It’s simple to prepare with U.S. Hazmat Rentals. Take the time to plan and invest in adequate protection for your workers, facilities and remote job-sites. Did you know that most tornadoes strike during the mid-afternoon? This is when most workforce personnel and job-sites are actively winding down operations which can increase risks.

Shifting Tornado Patterns

To the further astonishment of meteorologists, some of the most destructive and dangerous tornadoes are now migrating to the southeastern US. This is where many year-round construction projects take place. As an environment health and safety (EH&S) administrator, project manager, facilities operator, or anyone who oversees operations and safety of workers, customers, and personnel–you owe it to yourself, your company, and your employees to ensure access to quality storm shelter or safe room protection when severe weather strikes.

Explosion-proof technology and steel paneling can withstand unpredictable weather and domestic threats

Our superiorly-engineered line of above-ground commercial shelters have undergone a battery of tests to ensure they are up to the task of protecting your employees and potential customers from anything from a EF-5 tornado to a hail of bullets from deranged shooters. Constructed from solid 1/4″ plate steel, these customizable safe rooms and shelters meet all federal specifications and are certified by Texas Tech National Wind Institute in strict accordance to FEMA 320 (2014), FEMA 361 (2015), and ICC-500 (2014) standards for wind-rated impact of 250 mph ground speed tornado events.

Convenience and ease-of-access without sacrificing safety and compliance

These easily-portable commercial safe rooms and work-site shelters are ideal for storm-prone areas that don’t require a permanent storage solution. Why would you buy a safe room or shelter for a temporary dilemma when you can rent one for a fraction of the cost? The needs of construction and manufacturing industries are frequently changing, so you need a line of superbly-engineered and battery-tested shelters that are flexible enough to fit your needs. We also understand the budget constraints that you are working with, so you need a no-nonsense solution that will give you exactly what you need without the runaround. With just the click of a mouse or phone call, we can have a commercial shelter en route to your job-site in just a matter of days.

Hazmat Above-Ground Safe Room Framing

Rapidly-Deployable Commercial Shelters For Any Need and Industry

We’ve been in the steel manufacturing game for a long time, so there’s not much we haven’t seen. With more than 40 years of experience perfecting metal fabrication, we know what it takes to build a customizable storage solution that can fit any workflow process. We’ve been doing this so long that we can almost predict the unexpected and have responded to these workplace variables with superior steel protection. Below is just a sample of some the industries we continue to serve and for which we meet the growing demands:

  • Farming
  • Tech repair
  • Data facilities
  • Commercial painters
  • Renovation contractors
  • Demolition experts
  • IT and infrastructural repair
  • Shipyards and maritime operations


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Free Hazmat Storage Planner

Download a free Chemical storage planner and building specification guide to hazardous material storage buildings. The US Hazmat Rentals planner will help make you aware of our storage options for proper chemical storage compliance. Each custom engineered building or storage locker is designed and engineered to meet or exceed OSHA, EPA, and NFPA regulations and are ready to deliver. 

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