Chemical Storage Locker Accessories: Electrical Components

Here at US Hazmat Rentals, we strive to bring you the very best chemical storage lockers in the industry. This includes attention to quality construction, and components including select chemical storage accessories. Our rental buildings are outfitted with electrical components that are engineered for total safety in hazmat storage. Our Standard Electrical Load Center is UL Listed, single-phase, 3 wire, 120/240V 100-A is an exterior rated enclosure that’s rainproof, sleet resistant, ice-resistant, and intended for use outdoors. These enclosures are specially designed to protect electrical equipment and components from outside elements, especially leakage from rain and moisture. The electrical load center housing meets the requirements of UL Listed compliance or Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., Publication No. UL 508, applying to “Rainproof Enclosures,” so you can rest assured that the electrical equipment stored within these enclosures will endure wet and rainy weather conditions.

In meeting our goals to provide you with the most trusted hazmat rental storage lockers, we have equipped our lockers with top-quality electrical components, the design and installation of which are in accordance with NEMA and NEC standards. Your rental locker—as well as any optional equipment—is furnished with all the motors, controls, interlocks, and any other electrical components necessary for operation. Just connect the primary power supply and you’re ready to begin storing your hazardous materials with safety and security. The state-of-the-art electrical components are intended to help minimize chemical storage hazards. All of our motors are manufacturer-rated energy efficient.

The specifications of our electrical components are determined by the size and type of storage locker, but all electrical equipment equipped by our chemical storage lockers is sized to carry a current at 230 volts and insulated. Experienced engineers have worked to bring you state-of-the-art components, thereby ensuring only the safest hazmat storage conditions. Learn how renting a hazmat storage locker from US Hazmat Rentals can help you maintain compliance with chemical storage regulations by contacting us today.