medical supply storage

Fire-rated medical supply storage lockers can help pharmacies and hospitals remain compliant

Medical supplies are the modern elixirs of longevity. Breakthroughs in pathology have necessitated the rapid evolution of both medical supplies and lab chemicals to combat chronic illness. These powerful precursors have revolutionized breakthroughs in medicine that have improved both quantity and quality of life for millions of Americans. Without advances in medical science, humanity would…


Fire-rated chemical storage could help struggling aerospace manufacturers ride out turbulence amid ongoing pandemic

The airline industry remains in a holding pattern. Grounded in March by the insidious Coronavirus pandemic, domestic air travel has struggled to regain its heading. Recently enacted travel bans from global hotspots will also negatively impact air travel in the months to come. With some airlines reporting a 92 percent drop in travel last spring…

mobile tornado shelters

2021 Tornado Season Could Be One for The Record Books. Invest in proven protection from U.S. Hazmat Rentals.

The 2020 tornado season was unlike any other in recent history. Storms and F5 tornados rampaged the southeast and plain states with regularity. Complications from the ongoing pandemic exacerbated an already dire situation as rescue workers were hindered by supply shortages and able bodies. Hospitals already pushed to the brink by a shortage of hospital…