Municipal Storage Locker can Prevent Hefty Fines and Personal Injury to Taxpaying Citizens

Municipalities are tasked with protecting the communities they serve. By the way of taxes and fiduciary duty, elected officials provide necessary services like fire and police protection, as well as sanitation and waste disposal. From education to basic healthcare, the responsibility of our unmet needs falls into their hands. As the forward-thinking will of the…


How a flammable chemical storage locker can help your business ride out supply chain disruptions

COVID19 continues to wreak havoc on supply lines. While vaccination rates are slowly diminishing the lasting impact of the coronavirus, it’s insidious effects persist. Short-staffed businesses that experienced huge reductions in labor during the pandemic, continue to struggle to find able workers that can fulfill orders. Rising costs of building materials have compounded logistical challenges,…


Are you prepared for the worst? Emergency preparedness lockers can consolidate response gear for firefighters, police and general public

We live in unprecedented times. As soon as we pick-up our smartphones, we are instantly bombarded with clickbait heavy news stories that are geared to whip our emotions into hyperdrive. Bad news permeates almost every facet of our daily lives. We just can’t seem to escape the negative turmoil. Climate change has also placed us all…

hazardous drug storage

Prevent theft and rampant abuse with trusted and vetted hazardous drug storage from U.S. Hazmat Rentals

Not all medicine is taken as prescribed. Illicit drug use continues to create storage dilemmas for pharmacies, hospitals and even schools that depend on potentially hazardous medicines to heal those who are genuinely afflicted. Precursor chemicals used to manufacture potentially lethal medicines and street drugs must also be accounted for to prevent theft and abuse.…

proper chemical storage

Debunking half-truths and misinformation with proper chemical storage

A worldwide pandemic should never be politicalized. Unfortunately, unmitigated media bias and unverified dissemination of “alternate facts” on Facebook has created a torrent of sensationalized misinformation surrounding COVID19. We live in a technology advanced age. Never before has information spread so far, so quickly. We can verify any information that is sent to us with…


Will President Biden address controversial hazmat regulations to prevent chemical explosions?

The ‘Wild West’ remains the final frontier in proper chemical storage. Years after a deadly chemical explosion at a West, Texas fertilizer plant, several other local businesses were found to be in non-compliance for improperly storing ammonium nitrate. An undercover investigation by a public radio station found that these fertilizer companies continued to store the…