Hazmat Lockers Keep Customers Safe

Most shoppers flock to Walmart for the extra low prices and the wide variety of one-stop shopping. While it’s not as simple as point-and-click online shopping and delivery, it’s convenience is unmatched when you’re on-the-go. Long store hours and central locations have made big box stores the modern bazars for most communities that have turned…


School Chemistry Lab Storage Lockers to Protect Students and Teachers

High school students and explosive chemicals mix about as well as fire and ethanol. Hyperactive attention spans and over exaggerations in abilities are also a proven equation for disaster. Swirling beakers of pungent chemicals while trying to accurately measure new concoctions is a challenge for even experienced lab technicians, let alone novice chemists. While understanding…

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Compliant Temporary Storage Can Prevent Permanent Damage

Not all chemical storage dilemmas require a permanent solution. Renovations, ongoing construction work or project relocation can expose hazardous materials to accelerants or errant sparks. While otherwise stored under lock and key, hazardous materials become an afterthought as crews leave these dangerous chemicals by the wayside. In the confusion of reconfiguring operations or expanding the…

What size chemical storage locker do I need?

What Size Chemical Storage Locker Do I Need?

Compliant chemical storage isn’t a one-size fits all mentality. There are many variables to consider when securing proper storage for the job-site. Does your chemical stockpile contain flammable items? Are you trying to store non-compatible items? How does temperature affect you chemicals and how will fluctuations affect their composition? These are all important questions to…