Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Plant Skirts Disaster as Authorities Monitor Tense Situation

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is one of the most volatile substances in any chemical arsenal. Most commonly used in fertilizers and explosives, commercial grade bulk supplies are like a primed powder keg. In concentrated amounts, ammonium nitrate can level entire city blocks in one fell swoop. Explosions from improper ammonium nitrate always end in catastrophe. In…


Stop Poor Chemical Safety and Storage Practices With Proven Steel Protection

Despite efforts to stop poor chemical safety and storage practices, violent chemical explosions continue to rock unsuspecting communities. Home windows rattled and the floor beneath Westlake, La residents shook with liquefying intensity after an explosion at the town’s chemical plant. Plant officials say a Ethylene Dichloride tank exploded, sending a dark plume of black smoke…

hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Storage Regulations & Compliance

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer remains a frontline defender against the dreaded coronavirus disease. Since the pandemic reached American shores in March 2020, sanitizers, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment have become commercial mainstays. Most businesses rely on foot traffic for survival. COVID-19 exposure can diminish operating hours. To slow the virus’s spread and to avoid another costly…

hidden dangers of chemical storage

The Hidden Dangers of Chemical Storage

Chemical storage is full of hidden dangers. From small inventories to expansive warehouses, silent threats abound. Incompatible storage is a leading culprit for dangerous chemical incidents. Without proper safeguards in place, dangerous chemicals can interact, resulting in fire or the release of toxic vapors. Flammable materials and corrosive substances should never interact, nor should oxidizers…


Staying Clean and Green With Solar Chemical Storage

America is ‘Going Green.’ Climate change is underscoring the need for alternative energies and sustainable development. As industrial manufacturers look to lessen their carbon footprint, the nascent renewable energy industry anticipates sustainable growth. After years of combatting misinformation from the insidious propaganda machines of ‘Big Oil’ and the fossil fuel industry, sustainable development is situated…