Common Causes of Chemical Explosions, Fires, and Incidents

When it comes to chemical reactions and accidents involving them at plants, factories, and any sort of production line the causes are numerous. However, there’s always a list of the most common causes for any type of incident. Precautions are always beneficial to preventing these incidents, however accidents always happen. With chemical explosions and fires…

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OSHA Takes Closer Look at High-Risk Operations

Changes may soon be coming to chemical facilities and oil refineries. Under new instructions issued in the final days of the Obama administration, these operations could see closer attention from inspectors. Changes to OSHA Programs The directive labeled “PSM (Process Safety Management) Covered Chemical Facilities National Emphasis Program” was released on January 23rd. According to…


Chemical Storage Compliance Failure Costs Firm $975,000 In Fines

Just recently the Tidan Group was fined almost 1 million dollars for failing to comply to PCB regulations. They plead guilty to numerous charges totaling to 52. The Tidan Group is comprised of seven different companies. The regulations were put in place in 1999 by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. In summation, it’s a regulation…