U.S Hazmat Rentals can provide optimal storage and protection for valuable construction equipment

Autumn’s unheralded advance has eclipsed the tranquil serenity of summer. While many of us sought the refreshing reprieve of air conditioning and swimming pools, our nation’s eager workforce was bustling and ablaze as they took advantage of longer days and warmer weather to meet the growing demands of our expanding economy. But that’s all over…


Fire-rated chemical storage protection could’ve prevented chemistry lab explosion

College campuses are communities within themselves. These self-contained villages of higher learning are utopias for esteemed younger minds looking to make an undeniable mark upon society. At any university, you can find a cornucopia of academia and research. From science and the humanities to business and the schools of engineering and medicine, college campuses perfectly…

U.S. Hazmat Rentals can store dangerous ammunition.

A (near) blast from the past: improper storage of WWI ordinance almost proves deadly

The lessons of proper chemical storage are truly timeless. While hazardous materials response teams must contend with recent spills and leaks daily, it’s not uncommon for these same brave men and women to clean up the messes left from previous generations. Even the “Greatest Generation” had their shares of pitfalls when it came to handling…

U.S. Hazmat Rentals can prevent oil spills such as these

Dorian causes unprecedented oil spill in the Bahama Islands

Hurricane Dorian’s tumultuous tour of the Atlantic came to an anticlimactic fizzle last week as the storm’s anticipated landfall along the eastern seaboard did not reach the epic proportions forecasters initially anticipated. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the inhabitants of the Bahama Islands, which received the brunt of the storm’s full force. At…